The regular life membership of the Society is open to any Medical practitioner holding allopathic qualification recognized under Schedule I or III of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and with an MCI recognised postgraduate qualification in Ophthalmology with interest in the science and art of teleophthalmology, but subject to the approval of the General Body of the Society.

Note: If the General Body of the Society does not approve the membership, the reason of refusal shall be communicated to the person/applicant concerned.


The members of the first Managing Committee/executive committee shall be known as Founder members of the Society.

Anyone fulfilling the criteria of membership mentioned above with an MCI approved postgraduate qualification in Ophthalmology and desirous of betterment of the Society shall be eligible to be a member of the Society.

Any graduate without a postgraduate qualification in Ophthalmology and desirous of betterment of the Society shall be eligible to be an Associate member of the Society. Associate Membership is non-voting, but as members, Associates can submit ideas & business plans participate in all initiative reviews and participate fully in all Membership Meetings and Initiatives.

Any commercial or industrial house that commit working towards innovation, entrepreneurship skills and social accountability for the promotion of Tele- Ophthalmology and/or act strategically building initiatives, products, and services for the same shall be eligible to be an Industrial Member of the Society. These organizations should participate and influence in the development of Tele-Ophthalmology as their Corporate Social Initiatives. This is a paid membership and the membership fee is to be decided by the General Body.


i. Eminent members of the profession or persons of high scientific attainment or managerial practices in the field of Tele Ophthalmology/ Telemedicine from any country may be nominated as honorary members (if so approved by the Global Governing Body).

ii. Members desirous of proposing such members must send details of the person with contact information to the Secretary. The total number of honorary memberships shall not exceed 5 at any time. An honorary member will not be entitled to hold office or vote at any meeting. This Membership is strictly by invitation only.


Overseas Life Members will be those persons who fulfill the criteria in article 2 of the Rules & Regulations of the Society and are not residents of India. They shall be eligible for Life Membership only. They shall be entitled to participate in all activities of the Society, but will not be entitled to vote at a meeting of the Society or hold position or office nor apply for any Award except those entitlements of which are specifically provided for in the bye-laws.

Note: In case one has become a Life Member of the society while living in India but has gone abroad and got his correspondence address changed, he will be eligible to exercise his voting rights only if he is holder of a valid Indian Passport but he will not be eligible to hold any position or office in the society.

Types of the membership of the Society shall be decided in General Body Meetings from time to time.


Sankara Netralaya Chennai and Arvind Eye Hospital Madurai being pioneer in the development and application of Tele ophthalmology in India are to be taken as Honorary Institutional Member of the Society to provide guidance and direction in the implementation of objects of the society.


Any Institution interested and involved in the application and progress of Teleophthalmology can be eligible for Institutional member.

Each Institutional member can nominate one nominee to represent the Institution in the functioning of the society. Nominees of Institutional Members have voting rights but are not entitled to hold office and contest election for the office bearers of the Society. As members, representatives can submit ideas &development plans participate in all initiative reviews and participate fully in all Membership Meetings and Initiatives